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Issue 3.1 of the Journal of Chinese Military History was published in May 2014. It is a special issue on "Armies of Learning" edited by Professor Xiaobing Li, with six book reviews and the following two articles:


"Learning Through Practice: Lin Biao and the Transition to Conventional Combined Arms Operations in China's Northeast, 1946-1948" by Harold M. Tanner.

"Classical Methods: The Influence and Use of Chinese ClassicalMilitary Philosophy in the Writings of Mao Zedong" by EdwardN. Smith.


Beginning with this issue of JCMH, the publisher (Brill) is no longer offering unrestricted online access to the journal. CMHS members will enjoy free access to JCMH via the Members Section of the new CMHS Web site <>. In the next few days, you should receive a separate email with your username, password, and instructions for accessing the journal. If you have not received this by July 2, please contact David Graff <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>. 


JCMH 3.2, scheduled for December 2014, will have two articles:


"Dynamic Divisions: The Tactics of Weiqi and Strategic Space in Imperial China" by Garret Olberding.

"Qi Jiguang's 'Oral Instructions from the Podium'" by Pak Shun Ng.