Kenneth Swope presented a paper, "Horror Stories and Exaggerated Possibilities: Magalhaens and Buglio at the Court of Zhang Xianzhong," at the Annual Meeting of the Association for Asian Studies held in Denver, CO (March 2019). He is also scheduled to give two presentations ("Teaching the Great East Asian War" and "The Military Revolution in East Asia") at the NCTA Summer Institute on Early Modern Asia, University of Colorado, Boulder (July 2019). His edited volume, The Ming World, will be published by Routledge in August; it contains several chapters on Ming military topics, including two by Swope himself: "The Legend of Tang Saier" and "From Peasant Rebel to Ming Loyalist: The Career of Li Dingguo." Swope has been named Leo A. Shifrin Chair in Military and Naval History at the United States Naval Academy for 2019-20.