The Chinese Military History Society welcomes historians and other scholars in the humanities and social sciences who are interested in the warfare, strategic thought, military institutions, or civil-military relations of any period of Chinese history from earliest times to the present day. Students of the military history of other Asian countries influenced by Chinese culture are also welcome to join the society.

The society aims to encourage communication and exchange ideas between scholars working in different disciplines and studying different historical periods who share a common interest in armed conflict and the role of the military in China. It aims to facilitate the sharing of bibliographical information on all aspects of Chinese military history, and it seeks to promote better understanding and awareness of the importance of military affairs within the larger framework of Chinese history, society, and culture.
In order to attain these goals, the society will maintain this web site devoted to member information, research notes, bibliography, and book reviews. The society will also undertake to organize panels, roundtable discussions, workshops and conferences devoted to Chinese military history.