cctvThe CMHS has received the following request from Mr. Xuan Zhang of CCTV. If you would like to volunteer yourself as an authority on the 1949 Lanzhou campaign, please contact Mr. Zhang directly at the email address given below.


My name is Xuan Zhang, a field producer who's working for China Central Television (CCTV). Recently, we are working on a documentary TV series about the Lanzhou Campaign (1949) during the Second Chinese Civil War. In order to rich the content, we are eager to find scholars who know about Chinese Civil War history to join this project (to be interviewed). Although the focus of the project is Lanzhou campaign, we would like to talk to any experts who bring their perspectives about the series battles in Northwest China during the Civil War or other related topics. 
I am living in California, so I can be reached by phone: +1(515)-509-6592 and email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;
Thanks for your time and really looking forward to further conversations with you. 
Warmest regards,Xuan


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