journal cover smallIssue 4.1 of the Journal of Chinese Military History has just been published. This is a special issue devoted to the Qing period, with YIngcong Dai as the guest editor. It includes the following articles:

James Bonk, "Patronage and Personal Bonds in the Early Nineteenth Century Green Standards," 5-43.

Loretta E. Kim, "A Garrison in Time Saves Nine: Frontier Administration and 'Drawing In' the Yafahan Orochen in Late Qing Heilongjiang," 44-79.

Eric Setzekorn, "Chinese Imperialism, Ethnic Cleansing, and Military History, 1850-1877," 80-100.

Plus book reviews by Allan Millett, Stephen Platt, R. Keith Schoppa, Peter Worthing, and Harriet Zurndorfer.


I am copying below what I hope is the final version of the program for the 2015 conference of the Chinese Military History Society, which will be held at the Renaissance Hotel & Spa in Montgomery, Alabama. If you are able to join us, we would be delighted to see you there.

David Graff


2015 Annual Conference of the Chinese Military History Society

Meeting in conjunction with the Society for Military History,
Montgomery, Alabama, April 9, 2015


uowThe following announcement, excerpted from the H-Asia daily digest, may be of interest to many CMHS members.
The China Studies Program at the University of Washington and the Institute of Modern History at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing are calling for proposals on a joint project, “War and Society in Modern China.”  The project includes three components: a workshop to be held on July 10-12, 2015 in Beijing, a conference at the University of Washington in Seattle in the summer of 2016; and the publication of an anthology of selected essays presented at the conference, possibly in both English and Chinese. 
We would like to invite interested scholars (including Ph. D students working on their dissertations) to submit a 250-word proposal that outlines the project, as well as a list of readings that you suggest for the 2015 workshop.  The readings can be in English or Chinese, on China or for comparison and theoretical inspiration.   

SocietyforMilitaryHistoryThe Chinese Military History Society will hold its 2015 conference at the Renaissance Hotel & Spa in Montgomery, Alabama, on Thursday, April 9, in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Society for Military History. The program will include the following papers:

Peter Lorge (Vanderbilt University), “The Martial Arts and Qi Jiguang’s Military Method”

Kenneth M. Swope (University of Southern Mississippi), “The Bitter End: The Annihilation of the Kuidong 13 in the Early Qing”

Man-tak Kwok (University of Cambridge), “7,000 Men to Capture a Capital: On the Northern Campaign of Chen Qingzhi”

David A. Graff (Kansas State University), “Eight Reasons Not to Trust the Questions and Replies”

Eric Setzekorn (George Washington University), “Qing Warfare and the Ethnic Cleansing of 1860’s Shaanxi”

Ricardo K.S. Mak (Hong Kong Baptist University), “Interpreting Constantin von Hanneken’s Three Reports on the Battle of the Yellow Sea”

Chi Man Kwong (Hong Kong Baptist University), “Introduction of Modern Military Science in Republican China: Northeast Journal of Military Studies of the Fengtian Army as Example”

Arthur Waldron (University of Pennsylvania), “‘Invincible Madrid’ in the Sino-Japanese War, 1937-1945”

Peter Chen-Main Wang (National Central University), “Marshall and Wartime China”

Li Jie (King’s College London), “A People’s Army Fighting A People’s War: The Continuity and Change in PLA’s Warfighting, 1950-79”

Xiaobing Li (University of Central Oklahoma), “The Forgotten Battle: Two Stories of the Chosin Reservoir in the Korean War, 1950”

The final schedule for the conference will be sent to CMHS members in February.