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John Dardess reports the publication of a new book, More than the Great Wall: The Northern Frontier and Ming National Security, 1368-1644, from Rowman & Littlefield. Although its official publication date is 2020, the book is already out.

June Dreyer presented several papers on PLA topics during 2019:
"Chinese Strategic Intentions and Capabilities," Joint Special Operations University, U.S. Department of Defense, MacDill Air Force Base (Feb. 5).
"Understanding and Responding to China's Navy," U.S. Naval War College, Newport, RI (May 7).
"China's Strategic Vulnerabilities," Center for Strategic and Budgetary Analyses, Washington, D.C. (June 25).

As of January 2020, Ernest Caldwell will transfer from the SOAS School of Law to the SOAS Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures and hold the post of Senior Lecturer in Chinese Studies. He will teach Classical Chinese as well as courses on premodern Chinese legal and strategic cultures. And he will get back to researching excavated legal and military manuscripts.

Yan Xu reports two recent publications: The YMCA at War: Collaboration and Conflict during the World Wars, edited by Yan Xu and Jeffrey Copeland (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2018), and "Befriending Soldiers: The Emergency Service to Soldiers Program of the Chinese YMCA during the Second Sino-Japanese War, 1937-1945," in The Soldier and State Building in Modern China, 1924-1945 (Lexington, KY: University Press of Kentucky, 2019). She received the 2019 Spelman College Presidential Award for Excellence in Scholarship and will chair Spelman College's Department of History beginning this August.

Kenneth Swope presented a paper, "Horror Stories and Exaggerated Possibilities: Magalhaens and Buglio at the Court of Zhang Xianzhong," at the Annual Meeting of the Association for Asian Studies held in Denver, CO (March 2019). He is also scheduled to give two presentations ("Teaching the Great East Asian War" and "The Military Revolution in East Asia") at the NCTA Summer Institute on Early Modern Asia, University of Colorado, Boulder (July 2019). His edited volume, The Ming World, will be published by Routledge in August; it contains several chapters on Ming military topics, including two by Swope himself: "The Legend of Tang Saier" and "From Peasant Rebel to Ming Loyalist: The Career of Li Dingguo." Swope has been named Leo A. Shifrin Chair in Military and Naval History at the United States Naval Academy for 2019-20.


Esther Hu reports that "The Photograph," the first chapterof the love story of four-star Nationalist general Hu Tsung-nan 胡宗南 (1896-1962) and Dr. Yeh Hsia-Ti 葉霞翟 (1914-1981) appeared in No. 91 (May 2019) of Renditions, the leading international journal of Chinese literature in English translation.

Entitled 無聲的要角:蔣介石的侍從室與 戰時中國 [Silent but Significant: The Role of Chiang Kai-shek's Personal Secretariat in Wartime China] (Taipei: Commercial Press, 2017) received the 2018 Scholarly Monograph Award in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Academia Sinica.

"Chinese Dreams of National Strength and Global Belonging: 'Iron and Blood' and the Forces of Evolution, 1895-1918," in Peter Monteath and Matthew P. Fitzpatrick (eds.), Colonialism, China and the Chinese: Amidst Empires (London and New York: Routledge, 2019). According to the publisher, the bookwill be published on August 7, 2019.