journal cover smallIssue 7.1 of the Journal of Chinese Military History has just been published and will be available online to CMHS members later in June. It includes the following articles:
Kwok-leong Tang, "Reporting to the Sage: Military Monuments in the Imperial Academy in Qing China," 1-36.

Stephen Pow and Jingjing Liao, "Subutai: Sorting Fact from Fiction Surrounding the Mongol Empire's Greatest General (With Trans-lations of Subutai's Two Biographies in the Yuan Shi), 37-76.

Z. George Wang, "The Rescue of British by Chinese at Yenangyaung and Slim's Flawed Account of the Battle," 77-108.

This issue also contains book reviews by Edward A. McCord, Peipei Qiu, and John K. Whitmore.

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