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Issue 7.2 of the Journal of Chinese Military History was published in November 2018. It is a special issue on "Military Power and Political Authority in Late Qing and Republican China," with Eric Setzekorn as the guest editor, and contains the following articles:

James Bonk, "Rewriting the Ningshan Mutiny: Changing Conceptions of Military Authority in the Early Nineteenth-Century Qing Empire," pp. 119-140.

Daniel McMahon, "Marking 'Men of Iniquity': Imperial Purpose and Imagined Boundaries in the Qing Processing of Rebel Ringleaders, 1786-1828," pp. 141-183.

Eric Setzekorn, "Qing Dynasty Warfare and Military Authority: Discipline and the Ethnic Cleansing of 1860s Shaanxi," pp.184-202.

Edward A. McCord, "Militia Command and Control in theChinese National Revolution, Hunan 1926-1927," pp.203-231.

The issue also includes book reviews by M.A. Butler, Bruce Elleman, Jeff Kyong-McClain, and Oliver Weingarten.

For nearly seven years from the journal's inception, its publisher (Brill) allowed free online access to CMHS members through the CMHS web site. That arrangement, which was originally intended to last for only two or three years, has now come to an end. Some CMHS members may continue to enjoy free access through their home institutions; others may choose to subscribe to the journal, pay Brill for access to individual articles, or rely on inter-library loan.