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Issue 9.1 of the Journal of Chinese Military History was published in May 2020. It includes three books reviews, plus the following three articles and one research note:

Yan Hon Michael Chung, "The Introduction of European- Style Artillery and the Reform of Siege Tactics in 17th- Century China -- a Case Study of the Tragedy of Jiangyin (1645)," pp. 1-37.

Nicolas Schillinger, "Playing Soldiers: The War Game in Late Qing and Republican China," pp. 38-64.

Tomer Nisimov, "The Role of North Korea in China's Civil War: The Soviet-led North Korean Assistance to the CPC in the Northeast Theater, 1946-1948," pp. 65-97.

Benjamin Avichai Katz Sinvany, "Research Note: Revisiting the Dazu 'Bombard' and the World's Earliest Representation of a Gun," pp. 99-113.