Meeting in conjunction with the Society for Military History, Fort Worth, Texas

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Session 1: 8:10-10:10 Arteries of Empire: Innovations in Riverine Warfare in Chinese History

  • Wai Kit Wicky Tse (Chinese University of Hong Kong), “River-Based Logistics and River-Crossing Campaigns in Early China”
  • Xiaobing Li (University of Central Oklahoma), “River Defense and Fleet Building: The Song Navy in the Wars against the Jin and Mongol Forces”
  • Yan Hon Michael Chung (Emory University), “The Availability of River Transportation Routes and the Effectiveness of the Qing Artillery Corps during the Ming-Qing Transition”
  • Kenneth Swope (University of Southern Mississippi), “Boats, Barbarians, and Bandits: Riverine Warfare and the Taiping”
  • James Bonk (College of Wooster) – Discussant


Session 2: 10:20-11:50 Empire, Republic, and PRC

  • Barend Noordam (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), “How Relevant was the Imjin War for Military Innovation?”
  • Esther Hu (Boston University), “General Hu Zongnan, the Second Taiwan Strait Crisis of 1958, and the Pescadores (Penghu)”
  • Travis Chambers (University of Central Oklahoma), “Misunderstanding in US-China Relations: The PLA in America’s ‘Heartland’”



Session 3: 1:10-2:20 Cryptology and Signals

  • Zhongtian Han (The George Washington University), “Signal Intelligence and the Rise of Mao in the Long March, 1934-36”
  • Greg Nedved (Center for Cryptologic History), “Joe Lin and Friends: Chinese POWs in Korea and Understanding Chinese Cryptology”


Session 4: 2:30-4:00 Strategies and Policies

  • Robyn L. Rodriguez (Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency), “Alexander von Falkenhausen and Germany’s Role in the Origins of World War II in East Asia”
  • Lei Duan (Sam Houston State University), “‘Political Power Grows Out of the Barrel of a Gun’: Communist Policies on Mobilizing Armed Masses in Wartime China”
  • Sara Castro (US Air Force Academy), “Protracted War Theory and Covert Action in the Grand Strategy of the People’s Republic of China”
  • All sessions will be held in the Sundance Two room of the Omni Fort Worth Hotel.


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