Dear colleagues,

We would like to announce a new research tool that has been launched at the Autonomous University of Barcelona as part of our European Research Council-funded project on Toyotomi Hideyoshi's Invasions of Korea.


The Database of Research on the Imjin War brings together bibliographic information on modern books, articles, and dissertations relating to Hideyoshi's Invasions (also known as the Imjin War, the term we are using), and makes that information available to scholars in one easily searchable location. Our hope is that this multilingual database will help scholars keep abreast of the latest developments in other language areas, or become familiar with what has already been written on this important topic.


journal cover smallIssue 8.2 of the Journal of Chinese Military History was published in November. It includes five book reviews and the following articles:
  • Kwong Chi Man, "The 'Warlord Officers': A Collective Biography of the Anguojun Officers during the Republican Period and Beyond," pp. 115-158.
  • Sean O'Reilly, "The Noble Enemy: Bravery, Surrender and Suicide in the First Sino-Japanese War," pp. 159-190.
  • Paul van Els and Frank Witkam, "Schoolyard Soldiers: The Art of Adapting the Art of War," pp. 191-224.