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The Chinese Military History Society held its 2019 conference in Columbus, Ohio, on May 9 in conjunction with the 2019 annual meeting of the Society for Military History. There were nine papers presented at the conference and they have been posted - please access via Articles - Conference Abstracts.

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Issue 8.1 of the Journal of Chinese Military History was published in May. It includes four book reviews and the following articles:

Benjamin Avichai Katz Sinvany, "Notes on the Invention of the First Gun: Conflict and Innovation in the Song Warring States Period (960-1279)," pp. 1-28.

Kan Lee, "The 'China Lobby' in Tokyo: The Struggle of China's Mission in Japan for General Douglas MacArthur's Military Assistance in the Chinese Civil War, 1946-1949," pp. 29-51.

Linh D. Vu, "Bones of Contention: China's World War II Military Graves in India, Burma, and Papua New Guinea," pp. 52-99.

Meeting in conjunction with the Society for Military History, Columbus, Ohio

Robert King Room, Columbus Hilton Downtown, Thursday, May 9, 2019

Session 1:8:30-9:50

  • Jim Bonk (College of Wooster), “Mobile Monuments: Collecting Swords and Remembering War in the 19thCentury Qing Empire”
  • Emily Mokros (University of Kentucky), “Capital Defense: Confronting Threats to Money and the City in Taiping-Era Beijing”


Session 2:10:00-11:20

  • Senior Colonel Ke Chunqiao (Academy of Military Science, People’s Liberation Army), “The Resignation of Captain William Metcalfe Lang: The Beginning of the End of Beiyang Fleet”
  • Clemens Büttner (Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany), “The Teacher’s Need for Affirmation: Western Praise and the Japanese Emphasis on Spiritual Matters in the Early Chinese Military Periodical Press”



Session 3:12:40-2:00

  • Peter Worthing (Texas Christian University), “The ‘Acid Test of the Revolution’: Disbandment, the Hunan Affair, and the Unraveling of the NRA Coalition”
  • Sherman Xiaogang Lai (Queen’s University at Kingston), “The Empire Legacy and the Civil War: Chiang Kai-shek during 1942-1946”


Session 4:2:10-3:30

  • Kwong Chi Man (Hong Kong Baptist University), “Mobilizing an Imperial Trade Post: Hong Kong Preparing for War, 1938-1941”
  • Geoff Babb (US Army Command & General Staff College), “Preparing for Offensive Operations: Advising and Assisting the Chinese Army, 1941-1949”


Session 5:3:40-5:00

  • Stanley Adamiak and Xiaobing Li (University of Central Oklahoma), “The Impact of the Korean War on China”
  • Shelley Zhou (University of Kentucky), “Little Partisans in lianhuanhua from the Cultural Revolution: Guerrilla Warfare for Kids”


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