Meeting in conjunction with the Society for Military History, Columbus, Ohio

Robert King Room, Columbus Hilton Downtown, Thursday, May 9, 2019

Session 1:8:30-9:50

  • Jim Bonk (College of Wooster), “Mobile Monuments: Collecting Swords and Remembering War in the 19thCentury Qing Empire”
  • Emily Mokros (University of Kentucky), “Capital Defense: Confronting Threats to Money and the City in Taiping-Era Beijing”


Session 2:10:00-11:20

  • Senior Colonel Ke Chunqiao (Academy of Military Science, People’s Liberation Army), “The Resignation of Captain William Metcalfe Lang: The Beginning of the End of Beiyang Fleet”
  • Clemens Büttner (Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany), “The Teacher’s Need for Affirmation: Western Praise and the Japanese Emphasis on Spiritual Matters in the Early Chinese Military Periodical Press”



Session 3:12:40-2:00

  • Peter Worthing (Texas Christian University), “The ‘Acid Test of the Revolution’: Disbandment, the Hunan Affair, and the Unraveling of the NRA Coalition”
  • Sherman Xiaogang Lai (Queen’s University at Kingston), “The Empire Legacy and the Civil War: Chiang Kai-shek during 1942-1946”


Session 4:2:10-3:30

  • Kwong Chi Man (Hong Kong Baptist University), “Mobilizing an Imperial Trade Post: Hong Kong Preparing for War, 1938-1941”
  • Geoff Babb (US Army Command & General Staff College), “Preparing for Offensive Operations: Advising and Assisting the Chinese Army, 1941-1949”


Session 5:3:40-5:00

  • Stanley Adamiak and Xiaobing Li (University of Central Oklahoma), “The Impact of the Korean War on China”
  • Shelley Zhou (University of Kentucky), “Little Partisans in lianhuanhua from the Cultural Revolution: Guerrilla Warfare for Kids”


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John Jennings and his colleague Chuck Steele are preparing a volume for publication under contract to Reaktion Books UK. For this volume, they have asked contributors to pick the worst military leader in history and write an essay of about 15-20 pages explaining why their choice is the worst. So far they have about 15 contributors, but the publisher has expressly asked for another article on an Asian military leader.    

If you are interested, please contact Professor Jennings:


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