Meeting in conjunction with the Society for Military History, Jacksonville, Florida
Thursday, March 30, 2017
All sessions will be held in City Terrace 6 of the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville-Riverfront. The CMHS would like to thank the Society for Military History for its assistance in making this year’s conference possible.
For more information, please contact David Graff (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
Session 1: 8:15-9:25
Edward McCord (George Washington University), “Warlord Financing in Republican China”
Kwong Chi Man (Hong Kong Baptist University), “Douhet and His Critics in China: Competing Airpower Theories in Republican China, 1928-1938”
Session 2: 9:35-10:45
Sherman Lai (Royal Military College of Canada), “Deterrence Without Transparency: Re-Thinking Chiang Kai-shek’s Strategy against Japan”
Clemens Büttner (Goethe University Frankfurt), “Bureaucratic Idealism and Wartime Realities in Nationalist China: Military Service, Military Requisitions, and General Mobilization during the Second Sino-Japanese War”
Session 3: 10:55-12:05
Vered Shurany (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), “Between the Yuan and the Ilkhanate: Exchanging Military Personnel and Its Impact”
Harold Tanner (University of North Texas), “PLA Counter-Insurgency Operations in Tibet: A Preliminary Look at Sources and Problems”
Lunch Break
Session 4: 2:00-2:40
Eric Setzekorn (U.S. Army Center of Military History), “Taiwan’s Veterans Affairs under the KMT: Honoring Service or Entrenching Authoritarianism?”
Session 5: 2:50-4:00
Wang Tao (Iowa State University), “Coercive Diplomacy: The Taiwan Strait Crisis and China’s Policy toward the U.S.”
Wenrui Zhong (University of North Texas), “The Battle of Paracel Islands in South China Sea in 1974: An Analysis of China’s Strategy and Tactics”
Session 6: 4:10-5:20
Hong Zhang (University of Central Florida), “Yuan Shikai and the Historical Significance of His Troop Training at Xiaozhan, Tianjin, 1895-1900”
Xiaobing Li (University of Central Oklahoma), “How to Train the Dragon: Soviet Advisory Assistance to the Chinese Air and Naval Forces in the 1950s”