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2023 Annual Conference of the Chinese Military History Society
Meeting in conjunction with the Society for Military History, San Diego, California
Thursday, March 23, 2023
Session 1: 8:30-9:50 Early China
Paul Nicholas Vogt (Indiana University), “King Wen’s Just War: The Conquest of Chong 崇 in Early Chinese Discourse.”
Chun Fung Tong (Heidelberg University), “The Emergence of Military Logistics Network and State-Level Fiscal Institution during the Qin Conquest.”
Session 2: 10:00-11:20 Japan
Nathan H. Ledbetter (Princeton University), “Making the Foreign Familiar: The ‘Global’ Aspects of the Battle of Mimigawa, 1578.”
Danny Orbach (Hebrew University), “‘Let the Commander Respond’: The Paradox of Obedience in the Imperial Japanese Armed Forces.”
Session 3: 1:00-2:20 China’s Republic, 1911-1949
Edward A. McCord (Emeritus, The George Washington University), “Defining Modern Chinese Warlordism: A Comparative Analysis.”
Harold Tanner (University of North Texas), “Defeating a Superior Enemy with an Inferior Force: Strategy, Operations and Tactics in Liu Bocheng and Deng Xiaoping’s Shanxi-Henan-Shandong-Hebei Field Army, 1945-1947.”
Session 4: 2:25-3:45 PRC: Psychological Warfare
Yinou Chang (National Chengchi University, Taiwan), “The Power of Encouragement: The Chinese People’s Volunteer Force’s Psychological Strategy and the Success of Its Political Control during the Korean War.”
Xiaobing Li (University of Central Oklahoma), “Defected PLA Pilots: Psychological Warfare over the Taiwan Strait.”
Session 5: 3:50-5:15 PRC: Alliances & Military Institutions
Zhongtian Han (The George Washington University), “Playing the Dragon against the Eagle: Soviet Policy towards China during the Armistice Negotiations of the Korean War, 1951–1953”
Yu-Ping Chang (Fulbright Taiwan), “The PRC’s 2016 Military Reforms: Clean House for a Better Future?”
All sessions will be held in the Sapphire 400 room (4th floor) of the Hilton San Diego Bayfront.