journal cover smallIssue 12.1 of the Journal of Chinese Military History was published in May 2023. A special issue on riverine warfare edited by Ken Swope and Jim Bonk, it includes four book reviews and the following articles:
James Bonk, "Introduction: Riverine Warfare," pp. 1-5.
Wicky W.K. Tse, "The Tactical Role of Rivers in Early Chinese Warfare," pp. 7-23.
Xiaobing Li, "River Defense and Fleet Building: The Song Navy in the Wars against the Jin and Mongol Forces," pp. 24-39.
Yan Hon Michael Chung, "River Transport and the Effectiveness of the Qing Artillery Corps during the Ming-Qing Transition," pp. 40-62.
Kenneth M. Swope, "Boats, Barbarians, and Bandits: Riverine Warfare and the Taiping Rebellion," pp. 63-91